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Industry: Public Relations

Founded: 2006

Mike Wiley, Author and thirty year businessman and Executive, who also has years of talk radio, political campaign experience  and over fifteen years pleading cases and preparing pleadings in Civil and Federal Court provides a unique perspective that makes or breaks a successful campaign no matter what venue is chosen.

After graduating Bentley University with a BS in Accounting and Finance, Wiley found himself at Xerox creating Informational Systems for the management of $32 million in Direct Mail Marketing campaigns. It was his five years at Xerox that set him on a course of creator versus maintainer.

Wiley then entered the automotive industry where he excelled in Sales and Marketing for Automobile dealerships. Wiley's concept of "Marketing the Force versus Forcing the Market" proved quite successful when he saved a New Britain CT. multi-store dealership $25,000 or about 8% of their annual budget, when he got Executive and Sales management to withdraw their request for planning a major sales event in the month of June of 1986. Management was quite ecstatic when June 1986 turned out to be the best month in the dealerships history delivering 306 vehicles without spending one extra dime for the sales event requested.

In the 90's Wiley now in Orlando, Florida became a popular radio talk show host by turning a failed business radio station around and drawing sponsors to his "Wake up with Wiley" morning program where he was hired to just do two minutes of news and operate the board.

In 1994, after three and a half years on Orlando Talk Radio, Wiley found himself thrown into the 1994 Florida US Senate Race, after he lead the largest rally in Florida history in which 7,500 attended the successful defense of the 2nd Amendment from the Clinton War on the Constitution.  Things were quiet until late August when internal polls showed Wiley defeating incumbent Republican Senator Connie Mack.

For most of the campaign Hillary Rodham Clinton the future Democratic Presidential Candidate who began her presidential campaign in Arkansas ten years earlier, stayed away from the campaign even though her younger brother Hugh had asked for help, but with his general election polling showing an eventual mutilation by Rep. Connie Mack, the Clinton's did not want to have any part in his massacre.

It was in Wiley's first political campaign that his ability to glean strategic data from prior election results to develop a winning strategy appeared.  With only $20,000 to campaign with for a state the size of Florida, Wiley's strategy to come in at least second to force a runoff was implemented and he captured all 39 counties he forecast he'd win.  When late August polls showed Wiley defeating Hillary's choice for Senate Republican Connie Mack, she went into action to bribe and then smear Wiley to defeat him in the runoff.

In 2006 Wiley Published his first book, "The Diary of Hillary's Right Wing Conspirator" which documented the first four years of the Clinton Reign of Terror and his activities as Talk Show Host, US Senate Candidate and Presidential Campaign Spokesperson(1996 Buchanan campaign)

Wiley's second book in Audio form was released in April 2015.  "Day One - From Redcoats to Red Ink" - America elects a Libertarian Capitalist to the White House". predicted the eventual run by billionaire business developer; Donald Trump.

Wiley recently relocated back to the New England region to be closer to his grown children and to help rebuild the small business sector of the region and to create a major political party that Wiley has predicted for some time would find Labor and Small Business unite for a Populist Revolt against the Elites of the two Global Parties.